Gandha weather forecasting device is an excellent companion to room décor

Gandha is a project by Indonesian designers Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono and Winnie Andam Dewi. It is a simple, innovative and small device to keep tabs on the weather.

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What is different about this device?

The name of the device is adopted from the Sanskrit word ‘Gandha’, which means fragrance. The gadget is designed to inform the users about the weather primarily by defusing a fragrance in the ambience. The gadget also uses colored smoke to indicate the weather forecast. The combination of these two modes makes it quite an intriguing device.

The concept

The driving idea behind the device is to make the user able to plan. Planning is, as we know one of the most important aspects of our life, and the weather plays a big role in your plans. Even in our day-to-day life, knowing about the weather makes us alert about the conditions we are going to face.


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There is a combination of fragrances and colored smoke to forecast the weather. When you wake up to a smell, you would know about the weather on the day. If you are at a distance from the gadget, the colored smoke will let you know about the weather prediction.

To show a sunny day, the Gandha diffuses yellow smoke and smell of citrus. Similarly, grayish-purple smoke and lavender fragrance for a cloudy day, white smoke and mint fragrance for a snowy day and blue smoke and the fragrance of wet soil is ejected for predicting a rainy day.

Utilizing the sense of smell is an intelligent way to indicate the weather conditions. The sense of smell is one such sense that cannot be switched off, and one that informs about the threats in the surroundings. Also, it has the potential to enhance the mood of the person and make emotional changes.

The gadget

To make the Gandha work efficiently, the user needs to set three basic things, namely location, time to notify and the frequency of the notification. Once the Gandha receives signals about the weather prediction, it will react on the set time by diffusing the color of the smoke and the fragrance.

Designed to make your day a planned one, the device will also enhance the décor of the room it is placed in. This 150cm high device is portable and can be taken anywhere in the world with ease.

Source : Behance.Net

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