Finding the place for collectables in your home with a look that blends

If you love art and design, it won’t come as a surprise to note at least a few collectables and artistic items adorning the walls of your home. As much as living amongst these designs is considered life enhancing, a balance needs to be adopted when displaying these pieces. This balance will be the difference between these designs showcasing potential to their fullest, and your house looking like an art gallery.

Now who would want the latter? That is why you need to achieve a strict balance when decorating your home with collectables. Here are some tips that will help you in the process of creating functional interiors in the midst of conceptual pieces.

Planning according to architecture

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Thinking of setting up a collection and then planning the interiors of the room around them? Take into account the architecture of the room first. This will help you understand the room and its aesthetics better. It will also let you understand which piece of the collection will go where in the room. This kind of strategic planning will allow you to display an entire collection of items in a single room without hindering the latter’s comfort or functionality in any way.

Choosing harmony over look

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Arranging a vast collection of artwork and designs in a room will not have the desired effect unless the arrangement is not in harmony with the rest of the room décor. Hence, it is considered wise to involve yourself in the earliest stages of the planning, including for the lighting and electrical layouts as well. This will help you plan out the arrangement in such a way that the collection not only looks great, but compliments the rest of the room’s décor.

Planning Adequate Room Space

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When setting up a vast collection in a room, it is considered imperative to take into account space constraints. Simply stuffing every possible collectable into the room will leave you with no space to move around in the end. Limited space can also lead to unfortunate accidents where you may end up losing one or two priceless collections. It is best considered to plan the arrangement in such a way that there is plenty of space to move around the collectable without any worries of knocking them down.

Choosing Practical Lighting Solutions

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Over-lighting a room can actually ruin its look, feel and vibe entirely. When displaying a collection in a room, you always need to opt for soft lights that highlight the objects of interest without blinding the viewer in the process. The best lighting options for objects kept on shelves is a back end glow or inbuilt lighting, while lamps can be used to focus light downwards onto an object placed on the table or bench.

Playing with natural light sources is also an excellent option when it comes to arranging a collection in a space and then showcasing it to anyone who walks in. Make good use of windows, doors and skylights. Place strategic pieces near these areas in order to let them glow under the natural sunlight during the day.

Working on Seating Arrangements

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Guests to your home will no doubt take their own sweet time in checking out your personal collectables. They may take quite some time checking out a specific collectable and would most probably want to sit down for the same purpose. In this case, you can choose to add seating solutions like chairs and benches near the more popular collectables. This will allow interested guests to sit down and take a better look at a specific piece.

Arranging a vast collection of artwork and designs inside a space can be a cumbersome task. These tips will ensure that you make the best use of the space to arrange these collectables. These tips will also ensure that the room’s vibe and functionality is not hindered in the process.

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