Great decorating ideas for a small patio


Patios are the breathing space that every house should have. Decorating the patio with care will make your house look charming and create a space for relaxation. If the patio of your house is small then you cannot sit many guests there but still you can decorate that little space to add beauty and dignity to your living place. Decorating small spaces are very challenging task but it is also fun because you will get a chance to be innovative. In this article some easy decoration tips for your small sized patios will be discussed. Taking up this challenging task can be very rewarding because it will demonstrate your decorating skills and give an expression to your personality.

Keep it simple

Too much clutter will create a confused ambience and your guests will not know what to look at or which part to praise. Prepare a little storage place to store little things and keep necessary tools handy. Do not opt for big sized furniture or sitting arrangement. Accentuate a particular part of the patio by placing a brightly colored cafe chair there and arranging a blossom plant on top of it. Use foldable chairs and tables which you can take indoors and make some open space if needed.

Pick a Theme

Wear your thinking cap and then plan a theme for your patio. Do you like gardening or love the freshness that plants bring to home decor? Get your patio gravelled and put some rocks strategically. Then plant some eye soothing green plants. You can get other colourful plants to make this theme more appealing. Some sleek garden chairs and small tables will complete this look. A cute bistro set will also add charm and glamour to your patio theme. Simple looking wicker chairs and inexpensive wicker tables with glass top look beautiful on a small patio. The art is in choosing furniture that looks unique and distinctive. Go to the antique shops and find some plant pots that have an old world charm about them. Hanging pots or lights and wind charms are also good idea. The Tuscan patio can be recreated even in a small space. You will need to centre the theme of your patio on a small fountain and arrange the sits around it.


Light it Right

The use of lights can make a small patio appear larger than it is. You can get hanging candle stands or get embedded lighting for the floor. Accentuate the plans and decors with spot lighting. Use different colors of light bulbs for increased effect.



If you are someone who loves to decorate his/her home then you would like to find out decorative pieces which make your patio look more unique and special. Though you cannot install a pool but you can make a little water pool at a corner and get some colourful fishes to swim in it. Statues of different styles can help your patio look great.

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