Kitchen renovation tips – Picking the right colors

spacious kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most used areas of your home. But unlike other designer sections, most of the people stop designing the kitchen once they have purchased adequate equipment, without realizing that kitchens too require a dash of good, complimentary colors. In fact, kitchen is one of the regions that can be easily designed with a theme and if you choose the right colors for your kitchen, then you can get a beautiful, stylish kitchen that will be envied by everyone. So, if you are thinking of modeling or renovating your kitchen, here are a few tips you can follow to choose right colors.


Italian Kitchen

If you are modeling your kitchen on Italian theme, then the best way to start is to use warmer colors. The same goes true for Spanish themed kitchen. Therefore, colors like olive green or ochre yellow will provide the required warmth and brightness to the kitchen. If you are in a mood to go bold, choose red. But make sure that you buy equipment in colors that complement your kitchen décor.

Coastal style kitchens

For a coastal look, try colors that make your kitchen look bigger and spacious. Ideally, a dash of blue on the walls would be a great reminder of the seas. If you want to give it a bold contrast, choose white for the ceiling. You may also try paint designs of sea gulls on the kitchen. But these designs shall only be included in the kitchen which is large or else it might look cramped.


Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen compliments almost all times of home. This is where you can experiment the most with colors. Contrasting colors make the kitchen look utterly stylish. You can choose between a bright and lighter shade and go for painting techniques like sponging or stenciling. For instance, paint one wall with rich chocolate brown and other with softer shade of yellow. Colors like Olive green and purple look cool and ultra stylish, so they can be another option.

Check for samples

Getting your kitchen painted is awesome, but it is ideal that you check your furniture and equipment to make sure that they compliment kitchen colors or else things will just look a giant mess. Therefore, include colors of cabinet stain and countertop wisely. Also, choose contrasting or lighter tons for floor tiles. You can check paint samples in the kitchen to make sure that everything looks perfect!

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