Guide to Richmond Hill GA Neighborhoods

Richmond Hill GA Neighborhoods

Looking for a peaceful neighborhood near Savannah? Well, look no more. A few miles on the South West of Savannah lies Richmond Hill, a peaceful and homely community with a population of about 10,000. Lying at the banks of the Ogeechee river, the place is best for those who prefer to settle down into a suburban lifestyle. If you are looking down to settle in some of the Richmond Hill’s Best Neighborhoods, here are some of the places that you must check out:

1. Brigham Lakes:

fishing in the lake

Lying at some distance from the main city of Richmond Hill, Brigham Lakes is the perfect location for those who like spending relaxed afternoons fishing in the lake. The subdivision has around 50 homes. From swimming pools to soccer fields and gazebo, there’s a lot that this lot that this place boasts off.

The best part, however, is the scenic beauty of the place. Filled with old fashioned streetlights and sidewalks, the place is ideal for someone looking for artistic inspiration.

2. Richmond Place:

Richmond Place is situated only 20 miles from Savannah. With plenty of grocery stores at a stores and restaurants at a walking distance, as far as convenience is concerned, there’s nothing that this place lacks. Added to that is the public library and the high-quality schools.

This place is especially populated by those who have retired from the army, and if you happen to be one, you would surely find good company.

3. Buckhead


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For those looking to live a peaceful yet classy life, this is one of the best places for it in Richmond Hill. The sports amenities that you can get here range from swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, to soccer fields. Moreover, if a long walk is your idea of a beautiful evening, the pedestrian trial system underneath the beautiful oak trees in the region would give you plenty to relish.

4. WaterWays Township

Surrounded by scenic green coasts and waterways, if you love the soothing hush of river water passing buy, WaterWays Township is what you should go for. The waterways offer the perfect recipe to spend a happening afternoon. You can go for kayaking, canoeing fishing, etc. In addition, there are plenty of parks too spend lush evening with beautiful people.

5. The Bluffs

Richmond Hill GA Neighborhoods

Like most of the communities in the region, The Bluffs also lies in the vicinity of a waterway. It also shares its boundaries with Tivoli River. In addition, the sports facilities, nearby tourist spots and the beautiful architecture would fulfill most of the demands of what we can describe as the beautiful suburban life.

Final Words

That’s not all, there are also plenty of other good neighborhoods in Richmond. For more information, you can contact real estate groups like The Hupman Group that are active in the region. These would let not only let you know more about the region, but would also tell you which place would best serve your specific needs. If you are looking to buy something in the region, we advise to get in touch with one such firm asap.

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