Hand Ground is the coffee grinder made to suit your excellence in taste

Hand Ground is the coffee grinder 2

A perfect coffee grinder is one that provides a good consistency of the crushed coffee beans. When choosing a grinder make sure to choose one that gives good control over grinding and better capacity than others.

Owning a good grinder is must so that you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. With Hand Ground coffee grinder, you will be able to get perfectly crushed coffee beans. With the availability of grinding beans according to your choice, you can get a desired cup of coffee. For people who wish to own Hand Ground coffee grinder, below is the full description about this product.


Coffee with a good consistency is the desired choice for most people. Perfect consistency means good texture and thickness, which can satisfy the taste that many people want. Hand Ground coffee grinder is prepared with the aim to unlock the flavors and aromatics locked inside every coffee bean. Besides that, Hand Ground aims at releasing the full flavors of coffee beans in every cup of coffee you drink. The Hand Ground has some more features like choice of selecting the level of coarseness along with some recipes, which will assist beginners in making a good cup of coffee.

Design of the Hand Ground

Hand Ground is quite large with a strong base for better support. To achieve that perfection in grinding coffee beans, Hand Ground coffee grinder has adjusting dots that makes it easy to control the level of harshness of the coffee beans. As the grinder is large, it allows grinding more beans at a time. The capacity to store beans is higher and you do not have to grind it repeatedly. Another added advantage to this coffee grinder is that it has borosilicate glass catcher. A borosilicate glass catcher prevents sticky ground making it easy to clean it without putting much effort. Smartly designed, Hand Ground provides more space to grind beans, which saves more time.

How it works

Hand Ground gives you the total freedom to decide the coarseness of the coffee beans. With the dots visible on the lower part of the grinder, you can select the harshness level of crushing beans. Smaller the dot less will be the crushing and as the size of the dot grows the harshness level also increases. To look at the way it works, just put handful of coffee beans into the hopper and close the top. Select the level of coarseness and start turning the handle clockwise. Keep on moving the handle for proper crushing.

Recipe board

While some people can make a tasty coffee, some other do not really know to prepare it. For beginners, it is tough to make a tempting cup of coffee. Getting a good recipe will help beginners to make a good cup of coffee. Hand Ground comes with an added advantage of providing a recipe board, which will be a great help for beginners as they head towards making the first great cuppa.

Looking at this recipe board, you can adjust the quantity of water, amount of coffee, and coarseness level of coffee beans. With this recipe board, anyone can make coffee and that too with different styles.

Hand Ground focuses on making a perfect consistency of coffee beans. As every person wants to have a perfect cup of coffee, Hand Ground has put in all the efforts to make the grinder perfect.

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