Healthy Home Renovation: Why Choose Granite Countertop and More

Healthy Home Renovation

Have you ever noticed that the minute you step into a house, you get a good/bad feeling. Some houses are designed so well that it gives a very positive vibe and helps your body to heal in one way or the other. As much as you would not believe, this, the reality is that a small change or renovation can actually make a big difference. The home environment does play a vital role on our mental and physical health. This is a point that has also been proven through various scientific researches. In this article, we will check out some of the health benefits of home renovation and why you should consider getting one for your house.

1. Not using materials that could prove a health risk

Quartz Countertop

There are many construction materials which might look sleek and stylish, but which might contain a great deal of toxic substances that could lead to health risks. It is particularly the workers who are the most at risk, since they are engaged with that material in its different states.

For example: Let Go of Quartz Countertop

In the past, quarts countertops have proved to be particularly harmful for the workers. They could contain upto 90% of silica, which is infamous for causing silicosis and lung damage. So, if you are planning to opt for a quartz countertop, it’s best that you think again.

Tip: Go For Granite Countertop

If you want to make your countertop affordable, safe, and exquisite looking, granite countertop is the one that you should go for. Apart from all that, when it comes to these even countertop installation is much easier and hassle free. Plus the workers are safe too. So it’s a win-win situation all the way through.

2. Improving your mood with a healthy home environment

With the constant running around and hectic lifestyle, stress is one of the biggest issues that many people face today. We all know that acute stress is the root cause for many mental and physical conditions and diseases. Well, a small change in your home can help you to combat stress and leave you feeling relaxed.

For example: Employ Balcony Plants

Placing plants on the balcony or having a small properly planned backyard will actually help to enhance the view of your house. This in turn leads to the productions of the feel good hormones called endorphins. These hormones help your mind to relax and make you feel peaceful from inside. Moreover, it is also good for our physical health and boosts our immune system.

Tip: Add Lighting Fixtures

Apart from plants you can also choose to get your place done up properly by choosing a wellness centric theme or design. This way, you can avail all the health benefits of home renovation and come home to your own paradise. Consider choosing soothing and pleasing colors on the wall, change the lighting fixtures or even upgrade your sofa set.

3. Transforming your kitchen is equally important


Family time is important and in today’s world, the only family time we really get is at the dinner table. The kitchen is the heart of the house and known to be one of the most important places. You can promote a healthy lifestyle by transforming the look of your kitchen. No doubt, the benefits of home renovation for health and safety also come into the picture.

For example: Remove Bad Lighting

Poor, badly lit, dam, draughty and cold kitchen spaces makes you feel very depressed. Moreover, you may not get many people coming home which in turn results in less social interaction. By redoing your kitchen, you can not only take care of dealing with the problematic areas of your kitchen. However, you can also bring in a new look to it and avail the health benefits of home renovation.

Tip: Change Kitchen Linen Regularly

If you have recently done up your kitchen; you can still make small changes to its overall look. For people who have budget constraints, you can divide the kitchen zone into smaller parts and get it renovated accordingly. Moreover, place some interesting and differently looking wall décor in the kitchen area. Change the kitchen linen regularly so that you get a new look every now and then. Even rearranging a few things here and there will also work miracles. For home health hazards and preventive techniques, place appliances and sharp objects out of the reach of kids and pets.

4. Air quality and health benefits of home renovation

Since we are talking about obtaining a healthy home environment through home renovation; we cannot miss this point. When you look/consider the air quality in most homes, it is not as good as it is supposed to be. One of the health benefits of home renovation is that you get to improve the indoor air quality drastically.

For example: Remove Mould and Dampness

Over time, condensation, mould and dampness are some of the problems that older homes have. This in turn can result in people developing various kinds of respiratory issues and health conditions like asthma. One of the benefits of home renovation for health and safety is to ensure that you have proper ventilation and flow of air. You even need to ensure that the insulation is checked from time to time to prevent condensation.

Tip: Indoor Plants

To obtain the maximum health benefits of home renovation; consider placing indoor plants like Peace lily, Dwarf fate Plant, Spider Plant, Boston fern etc. These plants help to purify and improve the air quality and are one of the easiest home health hazards and preventive techniques you can use.

Some other health benefits of home renovation keeping elderly and people with special needs in mind

home renovation

A healthy home environment does not only mean that we consider beautifying a place/area of the house. It also means that we take into consideration everybody’s needs and requirements. When you have people with special needs, terminally ill relatives or even elders in the house; you have to make sure that the renovation you do makes it easier for them as well.

A few examples of health benefits of home renovation

  • Installing handles or grip bars on either sides of the stairs. Similarly, if you have someone who needs a wheel chair to move around, you can consider getting the escalating chair instead of ramp. This way you do not have to worry about the safety of the person and at the same time make moving around more at ease.
  • Use the benefits of home renovation for health and safety by choosing anti-slip tiles in the bathroom and other areas like near the kitchen sink. This will not only prevent the possibility of falling or slipping in the bathroom, but it will also help to ensure that the person is safe.

Conclusion on health benefits of home renovation

When you are looking at home health hazards and preventive techniques, a home renovation can do a lot of miracles. Not only does this adds value, however a simple renovation can also improve the overall environment of the house. As the saying goes- Prevention is better than cure; this is why, it is better to be safe by remodelling the house wisely.

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