Helpful bedroom makeover ideas for senior citizens

Paying attention to our home renovation does not mean that we only beautify the house. The change that we make also varies depending on our needs. While we are young, we are energetic and capable to handle the running around within the house. However, as we age, our needs change.

Consider the age factor when renovating the house

The ideas and tips that may suit a younger couple may not essentially help an aged couple. This is why; while renovating the house we must consider the age groups of our family members. When you have elderly people in the house, you have to ensure that the environment they live in is comfortable to their needs.

A few tips to help you make the right home makeover choice for your elders

Bright wall colors for better visibility

As we age, our vision tends to reduce. We need to ensure that while choosing the colors of the walls, we should keep this factor in mind. Bright walls have a tendency to reflect light. This provides better visibility for elderly people.  Colors like pastel shades, whites, orange and yellow are ideal for such rooms.

Leavers are better options than doorknobs

Instead of choosing doorknobs, it is advisable to choose leavers. This provides a better grip for elderly people. Leavers are more comfortable, safe to operate and they reduce the pressure on aging bones.  It also helps them to move around easily without being dependent on anybody.

Functional zones is a must in the bedroom

A functional zone helps to create attractive and practical bedroom makeovers. By creating a separate place for sleeping and sitting, it provides better comfort for an elderly person. If you have a person that is on a wheelchair, you can design the functional zone to provide enough of space to move around within the room without bumping into things.

Tall beds provide better support

Low platforms are discomforting in the old age. When deciding on the height of the bed, make sure that it is perfect so that their feet touch the ground. The ideal way to judge the height of the bed is by getting your elders to sit on a chair. This will determine the exact height needed to make it easy for them to get up from the bed without straining themselves.

Slip Resistant flooring is necessary

Elderly people are prone to injuries due to falls. This is why; you have to ensure that you choose slip resistant flooring materials. These materials are designed to give a better grip while walking. They will prevent your elder from falling. Generally, people consider this option only in the bathrooms, but what we often forget is that they do move around in various other parts of the house.

Opens space is important

Too much of furniture reduces moving space. In our old age, we need to have the space to move around easily. This is why, it is advisable to ensure that you stick to the bare minimum and design the bedroom accordingly.

Invest in bright lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures play a vital role in our old age. Although the fancy ones might help to boost the overall look of the house, it may not be a good idea when you have elders around. If you are planning to change the lighting fixtures, make sure that you choose the right sized fixture. Too much of light can make the place very hot and gaudy, whereas less light might reduce visibility.

Avoid sharp edges

Sharp edges pose a threat to elderly people. They can hurt themselves very easily. Make sure that you choose curved furniture to reduce the possibility of their getting hurt. You can also opt for a soft cushion lining on the corners of the furniture to protect them.

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