How to arrange your bedroom furniture perfectly


Bedroom is a place where you spend a large part of your time in your house. Your bedroom is a place you use to unwind and relax. Arrangement of furniture in bedroom is perhaps the easiest. Only point to remember is not to keep too many pieces of furniture here and clutter the room. Bedroom should be simple and cozy. The best way to arrange the bedroom is to start by placing the bed and then arrange rest of the furniture around it.

Placement of bed

Your bed is the focal point of bedroom. In order to find a proper place for it make note of all the doors, windows, and other fixed fixtures, including drapery, switches, built-in furniture and wardrobes, fireplaces, and wall scones. Choose a wall against which you can place your bed. Choose a place of bed, which does not impede the entry, closet, bathroom doors, or come in the way of accessing switches. Leave some space on the sides of bed for traffic.


Nightstands and lamps

A nightstand with drawers and shelves can be placed on both sides of the bed. It gives visual balance, and acts as a perch for night lamps. These lamps are good for own reading light for the couples. You can keep your alarm clock, magazines, book and water on it.


A dresser

A dresser with a large mirror with interesting frame looks quite interesting, and has functional value too. If the bedroom size is not too big, then avoid keeping the dresser in the bedroom, or keep it in a closet to avoid too much clutter.

Seating area

If you have a large bedroom, you can create seating areas near a window by placing comfortable upholstered chairs, with a small table in the centre. If the bedroom is not too big, a chair can be placed in some corner of the room. Chair provides a place to sit while reading or removing shoes or clothes.


Pictures and TV

Hang a few pictures on the walls. Visually anchor the pictures by a piece of furniture under it. Other furniture such as desk, chair, and additional table can be adjusted wherever they fit. You can also keep a wooden box type bench, or trunk, in which you can store your beddings and it will also serve the purpose of keeping your robe on after bath.  You can also use a rug to make the room cozy.

It is always better to plan the place of furniture before moving them in. You can take measurements of dimensions of furniture and of the room. Try to make a rough sketch of how you want to keep your furniture. Decide your final scheme before moving your furniture into the room. This will save a lot of hard work. Keep a plant or beautiful decorative pots here and there to visually balance the room. Be experimental while planning, as you do not need to lift heavy furniture at this stage. Take help of your friend or family member, if you like. Finally, remember not to keep anything on the walkways.


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