How to Make a Habit of Making Your Bed — and Why It Matters

Habit of Making Your Bed

Remember when you were younger and your parents reminded you incessantly to make your bed each morning? Well, little did you know, they weren’t just wanting to instill in you the importance of having a tidy room — they also were looking to set you up for future success.

According to author Charles Duhigg, there is a direct correlation higher levels of productivity when you make your bed each morning. Fallen out of practice since venturing out on your own? Fear not! Here are a few tips to get you back on track and have you looking forward to making your bed each day.

Create a Fresh Start

Making Bed

First things first, sleeping on your college futon or that hand-me-down mattress from high school won’t cut it anymore. After all, you’ve grown up and (hopefully) matured over the years — and your mattress should represent that.

Creating a space that exudes comfort and relaxation is important and will drive you to maintain a tranquil environment. Take some time to find the perfect mattress to make your bedroom a place you actually enjoy resting your head.

Make a Note

While getting in the practice of creating a habit, you may need a reminder or two to kick start the process. Write yourself a reminder the night before and stick it somewhere you’re sure to see if before leaving for the day.

Some good places include your bathroom mirror, bedroom door, bedroom light switch and/or refrigerator.

Make it Cyclical

Following the cycle of creating a habit will easily help identify and ingrain in you the habit of making your bed each morning. Identify the driving factor, or reward, for making your bed each day. Your bed is a mess and you want to create a clean sleep space. So, make your bed every morning, which will allow you to feel calmer and happier when you return home to a bed that has been put together.

Up the Ante

Making BedIf the sight of seeing your bed made isn’t enough of a reward at this phase, find a reward that entices you to stick to it. Perhaps an allowance? If that’s the case, drop a dollar in a jar each morning after you make your bed.

Indeed, the visual of seeing money add up and being able to treat yourself to something as a reward for making your bed will quickly change the chore mentality into a habit.

Realize the Benefits

The benefits will vary from person to person, based on the reasons for wanting to begin making your bed in the first place. But for many people, making their bed each morning gives them a feeling of accomplishment and starts their day with a win.

Moreover, it creates a calming, less stressful environment in your day-to-day life; prevents embarrassment; and creates a positive state of mind as you retire to bed each evening. Aside from the immediate and direct benefits that come from making your bed, it also sets the foundation for starting other positive life habits.

Once you set your mind to creating (or breaking) a habit, the fear of doing another decreases with each accomplishment. Pretty soon, you’ll be tackling new challenges without much care, if any.

Set Your Sights on Creating a Positive New Habit

So, wait no more! Get some restful sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow with your sights set on creating a new habit of making your bed each day. In the end, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to create this new habit in no time at all.

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