6 – Affordable home improvement ideas you should not miss

Affordable home improvement ideas

There are lots of ways you can upgrade your home by using some smart and inexpensive home improvement ideas. This will save big in your pocket. Here are some of the easy ideas that can transform your home from dab to fab. Let’s see some of the smart and easy ideas to make your home look like a new one.

 1.     Make your Entryway interesting by updating exterior accent

Make-your-Entryway-interestingMake your entryways a functional one by updating your front door and its design. Updating the entryway can give a new look to your home. It is the first impression when anyone comes to your place. Start with fresh paint and add some bright and bold colors paint which instantly enhance your front door with the entry.

After that accessorize your entryways such as your house number and letterboxes. You can give a nice stylish house name at your entry. Make a nice lighting arrangement at the front. Lighting enhances any place and it’s the must-have especially into your entryways to give a warm welcome to your guest. You can also add a nice vintage flower vase and a classy welcome rug at the entry to make the entry more appealing.

2.     Paint your walls

Now if you prefer paint other than wallpaper, you can save a lot on your budget. Painting the wall of your room is as easy as you think. The only thing important here is you need to have time to do this for planning and management. Do a little research for project setup, quality, and preparation. If you have done with the planning, half your work will be done and preparation will make the job and cleanup much easier. Use a cover grip cloth which can make your work easier because of the PVC dot present at the back of the cloth which makes it non slip and also they are reusable. Also if you want to make it quick, use all in one paint for the wall. It is easy to paint, comes under $100 and also reduces the painting time.

3.     Apply removable wallpaper

Apply removable wallpaperNow coming inside the home, one of the important things which give a quick transformation is the wall of the house. Making it nice and attractive changes the overall appearance of your home. So start by updating your wall. The easiest and affordable ways are using removable wallpapers. Removable wallpapers are stylish and at the same time budget friendly ways to update your space with minimal investment. Adding wallpaper instantly adds color and texture to your space and makes it look very appealing. It gives an instant update to your home.  Also, if you have left with some extra wallpaper, get it on your stairs steps. Cut the wallpaper strips with size and apply it to the steps. It makes your home even more interesting and new.

4.     Refurbish Your Floor’s Shine

Now comes the floor, if you have wooden flooring, the charm of it goes away with time, dust and regular traffic. It becomes dull, old looking and distressed. Restore the shine of the wooden flooring by polishing with the paint which is just designed for the hardwood floors and flooring. It saves the life of the flooring and makes it shiny for life. Also keep in mind to polish the wood floor once a year and also in every six months if you heavy traffic at home, do this if it needs to be polished in between. It retains the shine of the floor and makes it look like new for years.

5.     Add some smart light

Add some smart light

Now it’s time to add some light to your space. Add some fixtures lighting to your place to give a soothing effect. Layers of light, accent and ambient lighting are all you need to all your room and space. Try some pendant or sconce lights into your bedroom; a chandelier can instantly boost your hall and ambient lighting into your whole space. A proper light will give a new dimension to your home.

6.     Improve Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is all about ample storage and cabinets. People always end up getting smaller space for their storage and cabinets. For this, make use of the empty walls to make some nice and useful storage. The unclaimed walls and corner space is all you need to make storage. It can be used to keep dishes, spices, cookware, and crockery as well. It makes you reach easily to space and storage. One easy way to decorate your kitchen space is adding some embellished and plain shelves with classy and decorative brackets and racks to add some décor to your kitchen. Add a mini bar to if you party frequently, try having a small mounting rack next to the cabinets and racks.

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