How to make your house a magical home with creative home improvement tips

It has been rightly said, “Home is where our heart is”. A home definitely reflects one’s personality. It shows the real you and the kind of person you are. So, why not give it a look which will blend in with your life and personality. Let’s consider some of the creative home improvement tips to make your home a perfect place to live.

A few basic home improvement tips to add a spark to our home

Colorful doors and window

Colorful doors and window

The Entrance is the foremost impression of your home and you can make it really interesting. Instead of sticking to the natural color of wood or glass, you can opt for laminated wooden doors for the colorful effect. If your door is made from glass, consider painted glass instead of the transparent ones.

Light up your home

One of the best home improvement tips for autumn is good lighting. This is an essential part of your home décor and can transform the look of your house in a minute.  Adding timber lamps and hangers is definitely a great idea; it will give a unique and earthy look to your rooms.

Recycling old pieces of stuff

Recycling old pieces of stuff

If you are not convinced whether the old furniture will blend in with the new look of your home; then give them a new look. By using props and easy home improvement tips, you can give an all-new look to your old furniture. This will also help in ensuring that your furniture matches with the new concept/theme.

Preserve your entrance from rain

With the arrival of Rain, the primary concerns are how to preserve the exteriors of your home. Rain at times can spoil your home’s exterior making it cluttered and untidy. There are many home improvement tips for autumn that you can use it to make it safe. The foremost tips are for maintaining the gutters. By covering the gutters with proper protector, we can stop unnecessary garbage, leaves and waste going into it which can block the gutter.

Bid farewell to Foul smell

Bid farewell to Foul smell

Autumn at times can become very irritating with that foul and musty smell. As soon as the autumn arrives, this awful smell covers your entire home making it annoying. Adding more indoors plants inside the house can work wonder. Apart from this, camphor is the best option you can use to keep your home smell proof.Just burn camphor wherever possible. It can bring your home back to life leaving behind a wonderful aroma. One of the best home improvement tipsfor autumn is let your home breathe. Yes, allow the sun pouring into your house when it is available. Keep your windows and door open. This will allow the cross ventilation and help get rid of that awful smell.

Cozy and comforts

Comfort plays a vital part in one’s home and it’s important to make your home cozy and comfortable. Autumn at times becomes very cold. Keep yourself warm and cozy by making sure your doors and windows are perfectly sealed. Fill up all gaps if you find one which can allow the cold breeze to get inside the home and make it cold and sultry.

2018 DIY home improvement tips and ideas

Use Baking soda to clean Carpet Stains


There are some 2018 DIY home improvement tips and ideas that can make your life easier. The stains in the carpet can be easily removed with the help of baking soda. Yes, it is easily available in your home. Just take a pinch of baking soda and dab it in the affected areas. It will erase all the marks from the carpet, making it look fresh and new.

Crayon effect

One of the best DIY home improvement tips and ideas includes the use of a Crayon. Yes, you heard it right. You can effectively use it in the gap of the wooden furniture if you find a scratch or a small gap in your furniture with matching tone. Just soften it with the help of a heater or hair dryer. The small things prove beneficial at times.

Use Glue tapes to save your wooden floor

save your wooden floor

You cannot keep a check on everything which comes in contact with the wooden floor. If you have wooden floor, then you have to be careful while cleaning it. Even furniture can destroy the beauty of your floor. Well, one of the 2018 DIY home improvement tips and ideas comes up with this simple trick.  Just make sure to apply Adhesive tapes in all the heavy furniture. Put the tape at the bottom of the furniture which you thing can ruin your wooden floor. In this way, you can secure the floor and give it an extra life.

Mirror effect

“Mirror mirror on the wall”, the famous quotes from Snow White actually works wonder on your wall too.  Add a big or oversized mirror to make your home more spacious. It will enhance the brightness of the room. Or, just recycle your old mirror and use some DIY ideas to give it a new look. This is one idea that always works and you can’t go wrong with it!

By using these DIY home improvements tips and Ideas, you can give a new dimension to your house, and make a perfect place to spend the amazing time of your life.

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