Howard Meister’s unusually interesting chairs from the 1980s

Howard Meister Chairs

A fifth generation furniture maker, Howard Meister is known across the globe for his amazing artwork. His creations have been listed in hundreds of publications and have been exhibited and collected by many internationally known galleries, museums and corporations. During the early ‘80s, Howard Meister made some unusual yet amazing chairs that enjoyed a unique character. The basic idea was that a chair could communicate several ideas at the same time and signify both personal and wider cultural experiences.

One of craziest pieces in his chair collection is the “Nothing Continues to Happen” chair made of birch plywood, which is an illustrious example of high-end ‘new wave’ or postmodern furniture. The crumbling edges and fissures look like disintegrating concrete. Another highlight from his collection is the 1984 Juvenile offender chair made with painted steel and burnished steel.

Howard Meister chair collection

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Via: Gizmodo/Howard Meister/MagenxxCentury

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