Hundreds of recycled soda bottles used to create a beautiful vertical garden

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden

If you are thinking of a nice, sustainable way of recycling plastic bottles, you could get your inspiration from this big vertical garden made using recycled soda bottles. Created as part of a collaboration called Home Sweet Home (Lar Doce Lar) between multidisciplinary design firm Rosenbaum and TV producer Luciano Huck, this vertical garden has been created outside a home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The project’s goal was to do amazing makeover of interior and exterior spaces of more than fifty Brazilian homes without spending a lot.

For this beautiful vertical garden, Rosenbaum collected hundreds of plastic soda and water bottles and removed their labels and logos. Each bottle was given a rectangular cut to make space for the plants. After that, all the recycled plastic soda bottles were threaded together in columns and held in place with anchor weights. These bottle planters’ columns are placed apart uniformly to form an attractive grid. Finally, they filled these bottles with dirt and seeds and an amazing urban vertical garden was born.

The project received an overwhelming response, following which Rosenbaum released an official instruction manual in Portuguese to help other build a vertical garden on their own.

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_02

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_03

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_04

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_05

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_06

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_07

Rosenbaum Urban Vertical Garden_08

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