Inno-Motion revolutionizes seating with the $8,500 LimbIC chair

When we are sitting on a chair, we expect it to be still. However, Dr. Patrik Künzler of Zurich-based company Inno-Motion thinks otherwise and believes that small, constant motions are highly beneficial for the body even when we are sitting still. Sitting still for longer span of time could have negative effects on our health. With an aim to revolutionize seating, Inno-Motion took wraps off the $8,500 LimbIC chair last year. The LimbIC chair, made with carbon fiber shells, combines the latest from neuroscience with ergonomics that stimulates both our body and emotions. The name of the chair is inspired by the limbic system.

Slight motions and movements have a positive effect on the health. LimbIC chair helps strengthen your posture and comforts you in a unique way. Handmade in Switzerland, the LimbIC chair features custom Carbon fiber shells from Formula 1 production and the mechanicals are individually adapted to suit your needs. You can further go for custom logos or color. The Swiss startup firm sold about 50 chairs to date.

Via: BusinessWeek

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