Cool and customizable, Raptor is more than just a table

Combining unique design with professional performance, award-winning architects and designers Sotyrys and Aleksander Pantopulos have created the Raptor Table, which they say is a table of future. Whether it’s your office of living room, the visually striking Raptor Table is sure to start conversations. Available in a range of forms, the Raptor Table enjoys contemporary, glossy or chrome-plated materials. The interested can order the cast aluminum body and glass/laminate tops in different colors to bestow the table with futuristic looks and to suit their tastes.

With its convertible body and tabletop, you can give the desired appearance to the Raptor Table, thereby making its one-of-a-kind to complement your spaces. Pantopulos brothers are known for using advanced systems and technologies to creates works that are characterized by quality precision and original forms.

Via: Freshome

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