Interactive cooking simulator helps you cook to perfection

Developed by a research team at Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Interactive Cooking Simulator aims to change the traditional way of cooking. The innovative cooking simulator boasts a force feedback fry pan and spatula, which help recreate a sense of cooking. It provides users with data about physical and chemical reaction state during the cooking process. The cooking simulator calculates the heat transfer from the pan to the food and shows the visible changes caused by heating.  The fry pan interface facilitates 3D input and the movement of fry pan. The cooking simulator can tell the weight of ingredients along with the tactile feeling.

Users can feel the ingredients while moving the fry pan. The system screen on the upper part lets you see what’s going on inside, so that you can experience cooking in a complete new way. The cooking simulator boasts a rigid-body physics engine library and a heat conduction simulator. Moreover, the cooking simulator also calculates the evaporated moisture and its flow with the rising temperature. It also shows the color changes that take place during the cooking process.

Currently, the team is working further on the cooking simulator system, so that it could be used at homes to prepare meals with high perfection. The team members include Fumihiro Kato, Yusuke Hanaoka, Tu Nguyen Ngoc, Danial Keoki, Hironori Mitake, Takafumi Aoki and Shoichi Hasegawa.

Via: DigInfo

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