Now, you can control your iRobot Roomba wirelessly!

While talking about smart robotic vacuum cleaners, the very first name that comes to my mind is the iRobot Roomba, a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners. Since its launch in 2002, we have seen iRobot releasing a range of models and updates to ease vacuum cleaning process for homeowners. This time, they have the Roomba 790, which comes with a wireless command center, so that you can guide the cleaning revolution from anywhere in your house.

Boasting all the features of the company’s advanced Roomba 700 Series, the new Roomba 790 cleaning vacuum robot also packs in additional accessories, which includes extra filters and brushes stored in a case. The Wireless Command Center has buttons, which directs the robot using a radio frequency. Whether you have to start the cleaning, schedule the robot or steer it, the Wireless Command Center does the same easily.

Moreover, the enhanced power management software promises up to  50 percent longer battery life as compared to the earlier Roomba models. Other salient features of the sophisticated Roomba 790 with Wireless Command Center include touchpad control, full bin indicator and a soft bumper.  The iRobot Roomba is now available at the company site and will cost you $700.

Via: Dvice/Geeky-Gadgets/Gizmodo

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