Is modular kitchen a necessity or a luxury?

The concept of modern kitchen has changed drastically over a period of time. Today’s kitchens have lot of character in them when compared to kitchens of olden times. Infact this place of the house was among the most ignored one though the main nutrition supply came from here. Generally only female members of the house had access to the kitchen where the main work was cooking.

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But at present, the kitchen is an extension of the living and dining space. It has developed into a multi-functional area in the house. So, when you are planning to revamp your property or planning styling of your new apartment, keep the décor of the kitchen in mind. Modular kitchens are becoming preferred choices in most homes now, particularly in urban areas.

Modular kitchens – initially luxury, now necessity

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It was not long before that modular kitchen made an entry into Indian kitchen designs. At that time it was considered luxury as these were pretty expensive. However, installing these kitchens made working in the place comfortable as well as convenient. It was also possible to keep the kitchen organized and clutter-free with the modular setup. The state of the art appliances that are an integral part of modular kitchens helped in providing the kitchen a multi-faceted character. The personality of the homemaker also got reflected through the modular kitchen.

In modern times, people want to finish more jobs in less time. Multitasking is a skill that is highly appreciated. And this is highly applicable for working in the kitchen. Working in a modular kitchen saves lot of time and helps in completing work conveniently. This is because modern kitchen designs are made in such a manner that they prove ‘less is more’. Modular kitchens are highly organized and you can keep things in places that are most convenient for you. Finding things at arm’s length in the kitchen makes working easy and less stressful. Moreover, the hob and chimney combo helps in keeping the kitchen smoke free.

Modular kitchens highly suitable for modern living

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Take a look around and you will find that majority of people nowadays live in apartments of varying sizes – right from 1BHK to 4BHK. Having a modular kitchen is kind of necessary in these setups as this kitchen is multi-functional in nature. Another thing is that kitchens in these apartments are usually small and space constraint is an issue. Kitchens tend to become cluttered and unorganized and look shabby. Modular kitchens solve this problem to a great extent.

Modular kitchens offer great storage space in the form of cabinets, drawers, shelves, racks and pull-out units. If floor space is less, the cabinets and other storage options can be mounted on the walls. Every inch of the kitchen space is utilized in the best possible manner in modular kitchens.

Modern living is also about how things look and appear to people. And in this regard, modular kitchens can beat no one. They are extremely stylish and elegant looking. They have the capacity of elevating the looks and appeal of the kitchen manifold times. Therefore, there is no doubt that though modular kitchens made an entry as luxury item, they have turned into necessity today.

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