Knowing When to DIY and When to Hire a Professional

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Sprucing up a home is always a worthwhile endeavor, but knowing which upgrades are worth the investment requires consideration of how the work will be done. You can save a lot of money doing improvements yourself, but is it worth it? Will cost savings be minimized by a lower quality of work or an inordinate length of time to complete? Some renovations require a professional, while for others, DIY is possible, but hiring an expert is strongly recommended. Here are some important points to ponder.

Too Dangerous


Safety is paramount. When planning, think about the potential consequences of doing a job yourself. What is the worst outcome of a DIY job? If the answer is serious injury or death, that is a clear sign that you should hire a skilled professional who is experienced and knowledgeable of any possible hazards. For example, wiring upgrades require the skill and expertise of one who is licensed. Consider hiring an electrician Fresno TX to handle major electric work.

Permits Required

Although you can secure permits for some DIY jobs, the fact that a permit is necessary may be a warning to employ a professional. In some areas, certain permits require working with an expert. A good contractor will know which permits are necessary and understand the cost and schedule to complete.

Costly Repair

home maintainance

Be sure to count the cost to repair any DIY mistakes. Careful consideration may reveal that employing an expert would save money in the long run. Often a licensed contractor has insurance to cover damages that may arise as a result of their work. In that case, you won’t be left with the bill if something goes wrong. On the other hand, it may cost much more and take longer to have a professional fix your mistakes.

Lowered Home Value

Poorly done work can negatively impact home value as potential buyers may be turned off. Additionally, the cost to repair may work against you in contract negotiations. You may have to lower your asking price by thousands of dollars to find a buyer. Shoddy DIY work may also ruin your home. For instance, a sloppy bathroom remodel could lead to an undetected water leak, eventually resulting in severe mold damage or a floor collapse.

DIY improvements can save money. Although they offer a sense of satisfaction from a job well done, they may not be worth the time, risk and danger. A trained specialist has specific knowledge of hazards and requirements for timely completion of the work. The price of inferior DIY work may ultimately prove too costly.

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