7 tips to give your home a Japanese makeover

Japanese makeover

Japanese homes are serene spaces, uncluttered and minimalist. The almost austere look serves to give your interior a clean and sophisticated appearance. The Zen philosophy is portrayed throughout in Japanese décor, which results in a relaxing, visually balanced home. The use of natural materials, and the importance given to nature is one of the elements which is one of the plus points of Japanese interior design. Take a look at these tips to give your home Japanese makeover:

7 tips for giving your home Japanese makeover

The main concept central to Japanese interiors is ‘Ma’. This concept’s aim is to balance the space available, in way that furniture is kept on one part of the room and the other objects at the other part of the room. This helps to create a harmonious space, to calm both the residents and the visitors.


Japanese makeover

Flow of energy is particularly important in a Zen interior design. You have to envision the energy flowing freely through your home, without any blocks. This doesn’t mean that you have to tear apart your home, but you actually have to rearrange the furniture and accessories. There has to be plenty of empty space, so all the unnecessary knick-knacks, ornate frames and so on, has to go. Polish the bar wood surfaces and floors as wood should be the star in this décor. You might have to get rid of the overly decorative lintels to give your home Japanese makeover.


The colors are muted and harmonious with nature. White walls with stone floors or bamboo/wooden plank floors, or color which you personally find restful, should be used. The upholstery and the curtains can be of neutral colors. For small spaces, Japanese interiors are a good choice, as you have a stylized space with a theme and you can bring out the beauty of your home with the barest minimum of accessories, which can be done with minimal expense.

To add a dash of color to the home, you can have a cherry tree sticker or wallpaper. Bamboo wallpaper or sticker looks good too. A very unique element with which you can add color while giving your home Japanese makeover, is a lacquered table. It can be kept by the entrance or anywhere you prefer. Accessories like floor cushions in vivid blue can make your décor eye-catching and interesting.


Japanese makeover

Zen interior design stresses on ample ambient light, instead of artificial illumination. An airy home, which is filled with natural light, is most desirable. Natural light will lift your mood too, which is another bonus of a Japanese home décor. Artificial lighting should mimic sunlight. Dimmers can be used to create the lovely ambience as and when required.


No room for ornate furniture in this style of décor. Simple, minimalist furniture, which has strong clean lines, is used in this style. The material is wooden or bamboo, which adds to the Japanese look. You could also go for Japanese type chairs, cushions and center table. If you can have the traditional kokatsu, which is a traditional Japanese heater table, then nothing like it!

Using bamboo and wood décor

Japanese makeoverHaving a home Japanese makeover, even for small spaces, is easy by introducing a few bamboo and wooden elements. You may not want to replace the entire floors, but you can have bamboo curtains or blinds. Wooden and bamboo décor items, just one or two Eastern style décor pieces, will add Japanese flavor to your home.

Japanese screens or sliding doors

Japanese screens are one of the best ways to give your home Japanese makeover. These screens can be brought online and there is variety of screens you can buy, known as ‘Shoji’. Screens can help to separate space and if you don’t want them as separators, you can mount them on the wall. Sliding doors too are a quintessential part of Japanese décor. Sliding doors let light inside the rooms and save space.


Japanese makeover

Storage is a crucial part of the Japanese style. The Japanese put most of their belongings out of sight, including objects used daily. There is a place for everything. The trick here is to have less things, keeping only the things which you really need, rather than storing the stuff which you will never use. For storage, you can buy cabinets and store everything in the drawers. Reassess all your belongings, from clothes to kitchen appliances and objects, and give away what you do not need. This will open up a lot of space, and you will need less number of cabinets to store them.

This style of interior décor also helps you take a second look at all that you own, and select only what you cannot do without. Thus, the Zen style of decoration helps you prioritize things in your life and make you organized as well, and gives your home a sense of tranquility.

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