Latest bathroom accessories for the elderly


Older people, especially when it comes to the bathroom area, require a great deal of adequate support and physical security. In spite of the various innovative designs of modern bathrooms, the seniors still find it a difficult place to land in for varied reasons. Look at the five bathroom accessories carefully designed for the aged.

1.      Guardian Toilet Safety Frame:

This is a special support frame extension specially designed for comfortable sitting of your parents or grandparents. The weight of the person is completely balanced by the long legs touching the floor. People of different heights can use it, as the legs are vertically adjustable.

2.      Aqua Sense Shower Spray:

This unique shower spray is designed to provide greater safety, independence and comfort to the user. The shower can be used in both, while sitting and standing. It comes with a 80 inch long hose and three settings to control the speed of the water spray through an easy–to-turn dial.

3.      Bedside Flush Toilet by TOTO:

This portable flush toilet manufactured by the Japanese company, TOTO is helpful to the elderly people because it can be easily moved to any place. It is loaded with a water closet and a box shaped unit along its back. A grinding pump breaks and disposes human waste by an indoor drainage system. It is lightweight and can be installed easily.

4.      Jang Wooseok’s Zombie Slippers:

The danger of not putting the slippers properly due to early morning drowsiness, especially for elder people, can now be let alone by these new open faced, rectangular shaped slippers by the Korean designer, Jang Wooseok. These slippers provide a grip firm enough to slide carefully through the slippery bathroom with pressed frictional force that supports your standing position.

5.      Deluxe Acrylic Walk In Bathtub:

This unique bathtub removes the need of high steps and balancing acts that are difficult for the elderly people to do. An accessible side panel is the biggest advantage of the tub. Not only this, but also the bathroom has several useful features such as in-line water heater, ozone sterilization, grab bars and Chromatherapy Therapeutic Lighting.


It is very important to update your bathroom keeping in mind the needs of the elderly people and these options will surely allow your elders to have a safe and secure bathing and toilet experience.

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