Cool and functional stool designs for your kitchen


Purchasing a perfect kitchen stools is indeed a challenging role, as it should offer the right height, ease of use, offer comfortable seating and add to the decor. Kitchens today are flexible, practical and open. It is in such spirit that kitchen stools have become one of the most sought after furniture units, which makes your kitchen more attractive. Durability and quality of material are equally vital to ensure that your kitchen and kitchen stools are functional and pleasing without sacrificing comfort.

Whether the style or theme of your kitchen is contemporary, rustic or traditional, you must choose a stool that complements the look of your kitchen. Today we have assorted range of material, namely glass, acrylic, plastic and steel to wood, to pick appropriate stools for the kitchen. Below are some of the best designs.

Transparent stool:

Those who have a kitchen featuring unique designs and bold colours always desire a kitchen stool for inhibiting the view. For such kitchens, you can opt for transparent stools that are simply beautiful and elegant. Although these stools are transparent in nature, visitors will never be able to see through the beauty.

Minneapolis stool:

This is a harmonious merger of professional work and DIY, although this may appear uncomfortable at its first glance. The wooden blocks, carved out from the telephone pole remnant, as well as the backrest, made of metalwork by Lucero Studio, provide comfort along with style.

Cedar stool:

This style is apt for the dashing and bold ones. The cedar stool, made of smooth cedar, serves as a unique seat in the kitchen. Although these may be hard to move yet at the same time, they are awesome and easy for the eyes.

Wooden steel stool:

One should not get befooled with the slender looks of this stool, as it has been powerfully forged in steel. Moreover, the wood wonderfully merges with the complete kitchen ambiance and is truly beautiful.


Kitchen stools are available in diverse styles, but it is always wise to pick one that is complementary to the theme or feel that you want to express or evoke in the kitchen. No matter whether one prefers weaved, upholstered, made of glass or wood, the kitchen stools allow comfort and create aesthetic looks to enhance your home decor.

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