Layout ideas for a new look in the kitchen

Designing your kitchen is fun but also challenging. There might be various options to choose from when you think about the decor but nothing beats the challenges you may face about the layout options. Before you even sit down to think about the paints, the countertops, cabinets etc.  It is essential to consider the layout of the kitchen to get the best look. The number of appliances that you have or plan to have is one of the essential factors that you need to keep in mind. Your flow while cooking should be free from obstacles. Along with that, you also need to ensure that you do not stuff your kitchen with too many things on the sides. Let us look at some layout ideas for a good-looking kitchen.

Kitchen that is U shaped

This shaped kitchen gives you a lot of space to arrange and design your new look. From cabinets, to counters to even using the center portion for an island, you can have it all. Considering the amount of space you have, your are free to do what you want and plan the way you would like your kitchen to be.

The L-Shape

The major drawback with the L-Shape kitchen is that one side of the wall is not useable. This is why, you need to plan the kitchen in such a way that you get the maximum space with what you have. Use the corner wisely and innovatively for your appliances or storage rack.

Galley Kitchen

Although this type of kitchen is not much in fashion, but there are some people who still prefer this layout. This is ideal for homes, which have a small width but longer length. The two sides of the wall give you a free space in the middle to move around and allows you to jump from one counter to another. The only drawback of this kitchen is that you may have to shuffle between the lengths of the kitchen to get things in place. So make sure you plan well on what you want to place where.

Island kitchen

A very popular form of kitchen layouts in modern homes, this type of concept can fit in with any layout. It offers you many benefits. The only catch here is that you need to ensure that when you plan your island kitchen, you keep in mind the present area that you have. This concept can become a good choice as the island gives you a multifunctional purpose of a dining, preparation and sitting area without having to invest or waste any more space.

 Peninsula Kitchen

More in the shape of a horseshoe, the island connects to the wall and gives you a better clearance as well as space for your cooking preparations. This is a perfect option for homes, where the idea of an island in the center is not feasible. In case of the L-shape layout, which is smaller in size, you may end up compromising on some space.

Kitchen with two islands

If the size of your kitchen is huge then this is definitely something that you can really think about. The two-island concept will not only help in filling the middle space that you have, however, with this concept; you really do not need to have a separate dining area if it is not required. This is also perfect if you have a lot of kids coming home and spending time. It is also perfect if you host a lot of parties or casual get together with your friends and families.

The Pullman layout

Ideal for any space or size, this classic layout gives you the ability to choose one particular wall for your appliances and cabinets. You can also blend this with an island or leave it the way it is. This layout not only goes well with homes, however, it is also a perfect choice for mobile homes. It gives you the much-needed space to work as well as the convenience of having everything at arms reach. The only one thing you have to keep in mind with this kitchen is that you should have a good wiring system to support the load of too many appliances.

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