Amalia chair by Eggpicnic uses years-old technique of hand weaving mimbre

This beautiful handmade chair comes from the house of Chile-based design firm Eggpicnic. Christened Amalia, the chair is made from Chilean material called mimbre, while celebrating the traditional materials and practices. The ergonomically shaped Amalia chair is comfortable to sit on and would be a great addition to any contemporary or traditional setting. Designed by Christopher Macaluso and Camila De Gregorio, in collaboration with mimbre artisans Francisco Palma and Mario Rojas, the Amalia chair uses the years old technique of weaving mimbre with hand.

Handmade furniture units have always impressed me and the Amalia chair, with its natural hues, asks for appreciation. Interestingly the chair is open from both sides and it even has storage space underneath it, so that you can hide your beer when your mom arrives unexpectedly.

The technique of weaving mimbre was first employed in Chimbarongo, which sits 160 km south of the Chilean capital. The Amalia chair pays tribute to this old technique and enjoys a stunning, functional design.

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