Living room hydroponic coffee table for compact spaces

Living Room Hydroponic Coffee Table

In an attempt to break down the barriers between functional hydroponic systems and elegant living room furniture, Stevie Meder has designed Max, the ‘Living’ room hydroponic coffee table. Designed for limited spaces, the Max hydroponic coffee table makes indoor gardening easier for the urban dwellers. The unique design features an alligator-like open mouth to accommodate your plants. While the mechanics are concealed in the rear curvature, the controls are placed in the glass case above.

The extruded side-view design makes space to hide the pumps and blocks lights from the users’ eyes at the three sides of the coffee table. The sideways growth lets plants grow as high as 24”, which is good enough for all garden veggies, herbs and even fruits like strawberries. The tabletop on hinges allows easy access to light and controls. The crocodile inspired shape also allows three separate water reservoirs that fit into shelves. Gardening enthusiasts can start simply by using a smart plug and a small dome to keep in the heat and moisture.

The Max ‘Living’ room hydroponic coffee table comes in an as-flat-as-possible pack in multiple pieces for self-assembly, very much like IKEA furniture or the tinker toys.

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