Lollipop House meets your cat’s natural instinct for shelter and safety

Lollipop Cat House

Designed by Onur Ozkaya for Pet Dream House, the Lollipop House is sure to bring a smile to your face and is something your cat can truly call its own special place. Entirely handmade from glass-reinforced plastic, the Lollipop House has been can be raised off the ground with the help of the detachable stainless steel stand to please your cat. The modern, sleek design makes it a perfect den for your cat to relax and will appeal to your cat’s natural instinct for shelter and safety.

The steel stand weighs in at 17kg, which is good enough to prevent it from tipping over. The polished fiberglass pod and four layer of painting account for the durability and safety. The interior of the Lollipop cat house features a high quality foam filled cushion with washable waterproof fabric cover. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Lollipop House sells for £169.

Lollipop Cat House by Onur Ozkaya

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