Low Cost Renovation Ideas to Prepare Your House for Sale

Low Cost Renovation Ideas

Are you planning to sell your house and looking for ways to do some home renovations without breaking your bank? In this article, we will help you prioritize renovations you need to do to keep your house’s market price competitive and at the same time, attract the best buyers.

Let’s check out our three budget-friendly home renovation hacks you can do to increase your home’s market value:

First impression matters, start with the exterior of your house

exterior upgradesYour house exterior is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they view your house. So naturally, you want to make it as appealing as possible.

A survey done by HomeLight data in 2019 states that focusing on buyer first impressions is crucial, as the majority of agents agreed that curb appeal is the no. 1 project you should prioritize when renovating your house if you plan to sell it. And over 94% of real estate agents believe that curb appeal will boost your home’s market value.

Here are the things you can do to hack your home exterior inexpensively:

  • Repaint the entrance of the house with warm and neutral colors.
  • Decorate your entrance with pots of plants or flowers.
  • Trim the grass and remove weeds around the plants/flowers in your garden frequently so it looks tidy.
  • Install some lights in the garden and driveway.
  • Keep the layout of your garden simple. When you’re applying too many plants or flowers and extra ornaments, it may look aesthetically pleasing, but also give the impression of high maintenance costs.

Facelift the interior of your house

The next important thing you should prioritize when renovating your home is to redesign or simply rearrange your home interior to create a clean, fresh, and new look.

  • Repaint the walls of your house with neutral and warm colors. Many people underestimate the advantages of repainting the house, when in fact it can do wonders for your property. This is probably the first thing that your property agent would suggest you do before you sell the house, as it will increase your home value. Another benefit of repainting your house to warm and neutral colors is it will also create a clean, well-maintained property. A perfect blank canvas for the new owners of the house. If you don’t have a big budget for the repainting, focus on repainting the areas that are used most often in the house like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Remove any wallpapers you have in the house and replace them with paint. Wallpapers are often seen as a personal taste of the house owner, hard to clean, and may seem high maintenance to some potential buyers. So it’s a safe bet to just clean your walls off the wallpapers and paint them in neutral colors, to make sure the interior of your house is appealing to all kinds of buyers.
  • Maximize the lighting. Here are a couple of ways you can do to improve your home’s lighting; try installing some dim lights to create a certain calming and relaxing effect. Another thing you can do if your budget allows is to create glazing on the ceiling, as it will invite natural sunlight into the house. If you do it right, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and good for the house owner’s health and well-being, it’s also easy on your pocket as it will reduce your electricity bills.
  • Remove dark, thick, and outdated curtains. Replace it with warm colors.
  • Replace old light bulbs with new ones, or you might as well use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Repair any scuffed, stained, or scratched floors and tiles. Having these things can significantly reduce the value of your home. You can start the floor repair from areas that are frequently used such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.
  • Don’t forget to check the condition, clean, repair or replace, if necessary, the little things in the house. What are those? These can be a shower curtain, an old carpet, water taps, door handles, etc. Pay attention to these little things that are available in the main areas of the house.
  • Create a list of basic repairs you need to do in your house, especially if it’s an old house with tears and wears like cracked windows, leaks in the roof, rusty gutters, etc. Nothing will discourage potential buyers more when they see a leaking roof during viewing.

Be a great host!

woman selling homeSome people may overlook and see this as unimportant to do, especially if they use a real estate agent to do everything. However, if you’re selling your house without the assistance of an agent, you can do these simple tricks to attract and eventually close the deals on your home.

  • Create a simple but helpful guide about the surrounding area of your home. Promote positive things about your community and neighborhood, access to transportations, ease of access to various important places like hospitals, airports, schools, grocery stores, service centers, even entertainment, and attraction spots.
  • Be honest about your house condition, but also tell them that you’ve done things to improve it.
  • When your budget allows, if you don’t have time and the knack to do it yourself, get help from a professional home stager and home repair service to rearrange and redesign your home. Expensive mistakes do happen. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in professional services than doing it yourself but then you get so caught up you end up paying a lot more (with disappointing results). Calculate this properly before you decide to renovate the home yourself.

Following these low cost ideas when preparing your house to be sold will help increase buyer appeal, and eventually impact the selling price of your home. Increasing and highlighting the value of your property is vital during the sale process.

A pre-sale property valuation can give you expert insight into the current property market and the true market value of your property. Choosing the best property valuers Melbourne has will ensure you have an accurate current market value for your property. This will help with setting a listing price, and assist you with many property related decisions when planning to sell.

Your home is your biggest asset, and ensuring you hire the right experts during the sale process is important, as you want to get the most out of the sale you can. While some things you can do yourself, such as improvements prior to sale, some elements of the sale process require an experienced expert to guide your choices.

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