Popular Home Décor Trends for 2021

Popular Home Décor Trends for 2021

Just like the fashion world, home design and décor trends operate on a cyclical basis. This means that the items that will make the biggest impact in your home are continually changing. While design trends don’t change as rapidly as clothing trends do, this year is a great time to re-evaluate your key design pieces in your home.

Due to the pandemic, people have been spending much more time at home which has speed up the usual pace of interior design trends. This means items which may have been popular and on trend last year are now seen as outdated.

Of course, there is a difference between décor trends, and classic style. You can have a long lasting, classic style for your main elements in your home, such as quality wooden furniture and neutral toned walls and still incorporate trendy design pieces to keep your home feeling exciting and on trend.

Here are some examples of design items and styles which are trending in 2021:

1. Earth tones

Earth tonesThere is a real focus on earthy tones being used in design this year. Colours such as burnt orange, warm browns and cocoa tones are very popular. These are easy to incorporate many décor items. Some examples which would work well in any space are throw blankets, ceramic vases or stained glassware.

2. Indoor plants

Bring nature inside has never been as important to the majority of people as during the past year. Indoor plants are not only a beautiful addition to your home, but they also can bring great satisfaction as a hobby. Rare variations of plants are especially popular recently, as they are harder to find and often require specialised care. This is adds extra individuality for people wishing to make a bold statement with their plant choices.

3. Functional design

Functional designThe rising prevalence in the need for home work spaces has continued into 2021. With this has come a renewed interest in functional design within the home. This means making the most use of each space, emphasising purpose driven design. This can be implemented in simple ways in homes, such as using smart home devices, creating multi-use spaces, and transforming previously unused areas into useful living spaces.

4. Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics have been popular for a few years now, but are still very on trend in 2021. They are seen on sofas, arm chairs and other pieces of furniture. If you don’t need to upgrade your furniture, you can incorporate this trend in smaller ways. Linen curtains are a great way to include this natural fabrics in your home, as they are simple to install but have a big visual impact as they hang ceiling to floor. You can also find smaller ways to include natural fabrics in your home, such as table cloths, throw blankets, cushions and tea towels.

5. 70’s inspired prints

70s-inspired-printsThere has been a big rise in the love for bold and quirky prints inspired by 70’s fashion and design. As these often include warm and earthy colour palettes, they fit in well with other popular design trends this year. As this is a very distinct and bold trend which may not translate well in the future, you should include it in small, easily removable items if you love it. A great option for this is buying a bed spread with a bold pattern you love, or even finding a few cushions you can rotate. This way you can add a bold 70’s touch to your design without committing to something like wallpaper or upholstery on furniture.

6. Checkerboard print

Another style of print that is trending is checkerboard print. This has moved from the current fashion trends into the interior décor sphere as well. As this is a quite polarising trend, and can be quite overwhelming, checkerboard print is best used in small doses. A great way to do to this is in tea towels, small rugs, or wall art prints. This way if you get sick of it, you can easily swap it out for something that matched your updated tastes.

7. Pastel colours

Pastel colour decorScandi inspired pastel colours have seen a continued popularity continuing on from last year. Lilac is especially popular, alongside pastel greens, light yellows and soft pinks. These colours work well together and create a youthful aesthetic in your home. A great way to include these is in wall prints, candles and rugs.

8. Colourful kitchens

As a shift from the usual white and marble kitchen which has remained popular in contemporary kitchens for years, using colourful elements within a kitchen has seen a rise this year. While this can be a great way to make your home seem on trend and stand out, it is best to stay away from bright primary colours. A good way to adopt this trend if you are set on it is to pick your colours well. More muted or deep colours are great choices as they will look more polished and expensive. Forest green is a popular choice that will stand the test of time by looking classic, while still unique.

When implementing any design trend, you need to consider how it will hold up over the years. If you suspect you will get sick of it or it will end up being dated, you can still adopt the trend. However, opt for smaller or easily replaceable design elements like vases, candles, lamps or cushions.

Keeping the décor and design of your home updated is a great way of ensuring the continued appeal of your home. This is especially important to consider if you are looking to sell your home. Make sure you keep your home looking modern, but not so trending that it will turn buyers off. If you keep your base neutral by having simple, clean flooring and plain neutral coloured walls, then adding current décor trends will enhance your property’s appeal.

When staging your property for sale, make sure to consider any other element of the sale process you may need to sort out. Hiring a property valuer, for example, is a vital part of the selling your property as it will provide you with an accurate current market value- informing your decisions when it comes to list the property and sell.

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