Make books an important element of your stylish interiors


Books are a part of every household. The traditional ways of storing books are keeping them in storages like boxes or bags in your cupboard, beneath your bed or storing them in a bookshelf. However, books could be a major part of your interiors that can help the house look classy and stylish.

One easy way to arrange your books collection is by using shelves to display them. Be it a mini bookshelf at the corner of the wall or a completely large bookshelf mounted on the wall, such arrangements surely make the decor look stunning and organised. However, care should be taken that the books be arranged symmetrically, so that they do not look unorganised and messy.

Another way to make them look great on the shelves is by arranging them according to colour coordination. The arrangement can be made as per light shades or simply by arranging them from the lighter to the darker shade books. Arranging a particular shelf according to a particular colour also gives stunning look to the bookshelf. The entire arrangement looks systematic and matches the interiors of the room well.

Books that are reasonably old but have good pictures or designs can also be utilized for home decor. The original pages can be used or their photocopies can also be used as photo frames displayed on walls in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or bedroom.

If you wish to do something innovative and exclusive, then you can use pages of your old and torn books that you cannot repair and reuse to compile them into huge wallpaper. This can be used in kids study room or even the library wall of your house. It indeed is a tedious effort but surely a worthy and unique idea.

Books can also boost your dining table or coffee table by simply placing them on them but in a way that they look elegant. If you have multiple copies of a particular book or if you are not going to re-read the book then you can very well use them as storage containers for either dry products or a jewellery box.


Books can thus be a major boost to your interiors like never before. Placing them on wall mounted walls or using them to decorate your walls, style your house using them the way you would like. Easy on the pocket and stylish, they sure do make a fashion statement!

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