Minji – Disposable cardboard furniture for micro apartments

Designed by Phaedra Harder, Celeste Horgan, Stephanie McDonell and Azalia Musa for SIAT Capstone, Minji is a set of flat pack, disposable and cheap cardboard furniture, which has been designed especially for use in micro apartments (approx 450 sq ft). The compact disposable cardboard furniture system includes a desk, table that seats 4-5 persons, an expandable armchair/couch, bookshelves and coffee table. Designed with ‘young urban nomads’ in mind, Minji disposable furniture targets those individuals who move around a lot and need furniture for shorter span of time.

The Minji system comprises of furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes according to the users’ needs. The use of glues, resins and non-cardboard hardware has been avoided for easy assembly and disassembly. The Minji furniture system offers users a considerably healthier choice for disposable, recyclable, and biodegradable furniture.

Minji – Zippack Stool ($20)

Designed to be flat packed, the Zippack stool serves both your seating and storage needs. The set includes four stools that can be stacked up vertically or can be stored under the table to save space.

Minji – Stickstack Shelf ($15)

Like the stool, the stackable shelves in the Minji collection use the same interlocking mechanism. However, they don’t come with a lid like the stools. The Stickstack shelf can be used alone or can be combined with the Zippack stool.

Minji – X-slot Table ($70)

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the X-Slot table can be used either as a desk or a dining table. You can even replace the legs to create a coffee table of a desired height. The tabletop is covered with thick varnish layers to protect cardboard from liquid spills.

Minji – Telecomb Couch ($100)

The Telecomb Couch functions as an armchair to save space and extends to double as a love seat for extra seating. To create the extendible seating platform, Telecomb Couch features a flexible honeycomb structure.

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