Moots hydroponic garden tells you if plants need more water

With the ever-increasing space problems in the urban setting, the concept of hydroponic gardening and living walls is becoming quite popular with the modern homeowners. If you are into indoor gardening and love to grow fresh veggies and herbs right inside the walls, the Moots hydroponic garden might interest you. The small hydroponic garden is perfect for small spaces and even tells you if plants do not have sufficient water or nutrition. You can use a number of Moots pots collectively and control them from one place.

Designed by Matej Korytár for Electrolux Design lab, the Moots hydroponic garden comes in three sizes (15, 20, 25 cm). The main pot (20 cm) featuring a touch screen communicates with the other pots. Each Moots pot has an external container with touch screen and transparent bottom, and an internal container with plant and an LED lamp.

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