Multifunctional LLSTOL lounge chair transforms to your needs

Whether you need a drawing board, rest support, lounge chair, coffee table, a bookshelf or a bench, the LLSTOL has got it all covered. The multifunctional lounge chair comprises two identically “L” shaped elements that let you use the unit for different purposes. Easily foldable, the LLSTOL can be stored in the smallest of the spaces. Made with molded beech plywood, the LLSTOL has been coated with natural oil. Primarily designed as lounge chair, the LLSTOL can be transformed into other furniture pieces without any complex details or the need for metal components.

The LLSTOL is best suited of urban apartments where chair’s transformable qualities can be fully utilized to make the most of the available space. Besides being an elegant and functional furniture piece for homes, the LLSTOL would serve good purpose in student dorms, libraries and commercial spaces.


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