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If nautical things fascinate you then obviously you would love to live in a house decorated with nautical items. A nautical themed home décor will not only add elegance to your house but will also demonstrate your lifelong fascination for a maritime life. So, here are some interesting nautical-themed home decor ideas which will easily help you to obtain your dream house:

  • Painting

Blue and white are the color of the ocean and the sky and so these two colors are dominantly used in a nautical-themed home décor. As for secondary colors you can also use sea-foam green, sandy dollar white and sandy tan color. To lend excitement to the area, you can add some splashes of red or yellow color on your walls. Moreover, it is necessary for you to choose carefully other home décor accessories like flower bouquets, wall paintings, drapes etc. in order to properly maintain the ocean theme and complement the color scheme.


  • Bring home ship accessories

Try to find objects that were used on a ship once and try to collect them as much as possible. You can look for such objects on online, garage sales and if you live near a harbor or a boat yard then make a quick tour of the docks. In this way you might get the chance to meet some boat owners interested in selling boat objects like a ship wheel, an old compass, anchors, sextant or a porthole. Placing those items elegantly around your house will exude a complete nautical air in every corner of your house.

  • Collect some glass buoys

Earlier most of the ships used glass buoys during their maritime travels and these buoys were available in different sizes and colors. Collecting some of these buoys and adding them to your home décor will add a historical touch to your interior and will complete the nautical theme you wanted.


  • Adding the smell of ocean

A nautical themed home décor is never complete without the subtle smell of the ocean that you breathe whenever you are near the sea. Ocean scents mainly include hints of lime, coconut, salt or any other tropical plants. Incorporating little hints of ocean scent in your house also brings a sense of relaxation and peace which also helps you in taking slow and relaxed breaths. This will also help in bringing out the complete beauty of the sea life and will allow you to admire your own little maritime house all the time.

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