Nu-Air’s innovative gas fireplace doubles as an air conditioner

Nu-Air Ventilation

Nu-Air Ventilation, a family-owned firm based in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada has lately received Underwriters Laboratory certification for a highly efficient gas fireplace that also acts as an air conditioner. This multitasking home appliance is 95 percent efficient and it does not need a chimney. It means that the homeowners can use the same thing to heat up their homes in winters and to cool them down during the summers. Perfect for use in urban apartments and condominiums, it combines a gas furnace, an air conditioner and a ventilator in one unit.

Since the exhaust reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit only, there is no need for an insulated, fireproof chimney during the installation. A plastic pipe can handle the exhaust heat effectively. The heating and cooling system mechanics are installed in the wall behind the fireplace. The production for a limited run of 50 to 100 units will start this year and more units will be put into production next year.

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