Campfire inspired Space heater warms everyone around

Space Heater Concept

While the regular room and space heaters are single faced and radiate warmth in one single direction, the vertical Space Heater concept by Ramprasad Rangarajan from Guwahati, India radiates heat in all directions, inspired by the way people sitting in a circle enjoy the campfire. The space heater has three heating elements positioned vertically at locations chosen on the vertices of an equilateral triangle, which allows for 120-degrees surface span for each facet. It provides warmth to everyone sitting around it, just like the campfire.

Great for family get-togethers, this heater can be placed at the center of the room to provide heat for everyone sitting around it. The individual switches can be used to turn on or off the heating elements according to your needs. The three-legged support platform keeps the space heater secure in place.

Space Heater Concept 2

Space Heater Concept 1

Space Heater Concept 3

Space Heater Concept 4

Space Heater Concept 5

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