O’Boil colander makes cooking safe and easy

Risk of burns in the kitchen makes cooking unsafe at times, but we hardly pay any attention to prevent such domestic accidents. To make cooking safe as well easy, here is a colander called “O’Boil” that is sure to add a whole new dimension to the traditional methods of cooking. All you need to do is fill all the ingredients in the colander through an opening at the top, place it in the boiling water and set the time (on a timer integrated in the cap) for cooking. The opening also allows you to stir and taste the food while cooking.

As soon as the food is ready, you can easily remove the colander (using the top handle) from the pan to serve food. The radical colander not only makes cooking safe but also helps in saving energy, used to boil the water, by covering the pan like a lid.  Indeed, the O’Boil colander is sure to change the way we cook.

Via: Jamesdysonaward

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