Offecct Soundwave Planter reduces stressful noises in the room

Soundwave Planter by Mario Ruiz for Offecct

Barcelona based designer Mario Ruiz, who designed the acoustic panel Soundwave Botanic for Offecct last year, has designed a range of complementary products this year, including the Soundwave Planter. The Soundwave Planter is an O2ASIS inspired flower box that combines the benefits of the Soundwave system with a nice way to bring greenery indoors. Perfect for both private and public spaces, the Offecct Soundwave planter opens doors for exciting interiors.

The acoustic panels absorb unwanted and disturbing sounds in a room, and create a feeling of well-being while bringing us closer to our natural environment. O2ASIS is a line of design products that add value to interiors, together with flowers and plants.

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