Organizing and making best use of closets in your home

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A closet is an enclosed space in your home that you assign for storing your belongings, your clothes. The idea behind closets is to reduce the risk of confusion and time wastage. An organized closet reduces confusion as it stores all your clothing in one place, and organized to your requirements. You need not hunt for your clothes in the entire house.

Different cabinets in your closet are designed to store different clothes, like you have drawers to keep your lingerie and iron rods and hangers to hang coats and other clothes. So, this way you know which portion of the closet you have to search while finding a particular cloth. Another purpose that a closet solves is time wastage, by reducing the time you spend hunting for the right clothes. If you manage your closet well, you will never face a problem while searching for clothes.

But not many people manage to keep their closets well organized. They face the problem of overflowing closets wherein it is next to impossible to find the desired clothes on time or with ease. Moreover, they always fear and pray that nobody opens their closet because they feel ashamed of their messy closet. Though, having a messy closet is indeed a shame but you can always put in a little effort and make it as nice and manageable as it is supposed to be. You could even get creative with some ideas and make the best of the closet space.

Get rid of old clothes

With the new clothes coming into your closet, do not forget to eliminate the old ones. One major reason behind the overflowing closets is the habit of buying new stuff while sticking to the old ones as well.

Space management

No matter how big and wide closet you have, you will always find it to be not big enough to store your huge collection. Therefore, an efficient space management is what is required. You have to get this thing very straight that whatever space is available, you have to store all your clothes in that very space, so put your space management skills into action.

Keep it fresh

Your closet should be fresh and smell nice. You can hang air freshening sachets in your closet that will keep all your clothes fresh and smelling good all the time. Moreover, those air fresheners also work as insect repellants.

Promise to clean

Promise yourself that you will clean your closet on a daily basis, every time you take out clothes ensure that you put them back in the same way.


A closet is meant to serve as a place to store clothes and other things in an organized way, so that you get your things by putting in least amount of efforts and in a little amount of time whenever you desire. There is no point having a closet if you do not keep it organized, it is no more than a messy, chaotic bundle of your belongings.

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