Otarky rocking chair generates electricity from your movements

Energy generating furniture units aren’t a new concept at all, and the latest creation on the same lines comes from Igor Gitelstain, who has lately graduated from Shenkar College in Israel. His Otarky rocking chair generates electricity from the rocking motions to charge your devices and that makes it a perfect furniture piece for the eco conscious homeowners. Addressing the important issue of energy usage, the prototype chair boasts a linear electricity generator of ball bearings and magnets in a coil conductor concealed in the chair’s feet.

The ball bearings convert the kinetic energy to electricity with the rocking movements of the chair. Since the chair comes with comfort upholstery, it would look elegant in any space inside your home. The project was completed under the guidance of Pini Leibovich.

Via: Inhabitat/ApartmentTherapy

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