Parasitic teapot surrounds the bulb to harness its heat

Parasites is perhaps one of the most successful living species that live on an organism of another species from the body of which they obtain nutriment to survive with minimum fuss.  Inspired by the smart and unforced life process of parasites, designer Moritz Friedrich has developed a creative teapot that doesn’t require a dedicated source of energy; rather it surrounds a lamp to extract energy from its thermal radiation of the light source.

Dubbed as “Parasitic teapot,” the inimitable appliance functions smoothly and doesn’t exert too much pressure on the energy source. All you need to do is simply fix the teapot around the light source, which makes use of the heat or energy discharged by the bulb to prepare tea, while consumes virtually no energy.

The energy efficient teapot not only lets you prepare tea in a sustainable manner but also sets the mood in the room by changing the color of the light according to the fluid filled in the appliance. The “parasitic teapot” is indeed a great example of how the nature or living beings inspire designers to create something unique for the betterment of human life.

Source: Mo-made


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