With the Pegtop mug, you’ll never need a teaspoon again to stir your coffee

This is something really cool and useful. The Pegtop mug is not your regular cup, but an innovative creation that mixed liquids evenly without the need for a teaspoon. That means you will not have to listen to the annoying sound of the spoon hitting the cup again. The mug Pegtop features two opposite, diagonally located ribs with the height of the border up to 7 mm on its inner surface. When the mug rotates, the ribs take hold of the liquid mass and execute interfusion. User must make sure that mug is rotated in a way, so that the ribs’ blades uplift the lower layers of liquid to enhance the process of interfusion necessary for tea or coffee.

The bottom of the mug is loaded underneath for a slower and more even efficient blending and the best part is that the liquid will not splash over the top. A special plate for desserts and sweets provides the border of rotation. With a transparent design, the Pegtop mug is not only functional but decorative too.

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