Quality Espresso presents the Ruby for coffee lovers

A true coffee lover understands well the importance of a nicely brewed coffee and so does Quality Espresso from Spain. The company has now presented its latest offering, the Ruby coffee machine, which guarantees quality espresso beverages   for low volume outlets with its 1.5-liter boiler, 3-liter internal water tank, 1500-watt heating element and 48W ULKA vibration pump. You get the best espresso even when the tank reaches the minimum water level. When the boiler is not at working temperature, the Ruby stops the espresso preparation.

Designed by Ramón Beneditto and available in glossy red and black colors, the Ruby espresso maker is sure to complement your décor. The package comes complete with one cup filter holder and interchangeable two cup dribbler. They are also offering the Ruby Pro with a 5-liter boiler.


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