Rafl wireless speaker lets you play music in a playful, interactive way

Have you ever put your hand inside a candy jar to pick up your favorite candies? The Rafl behavioral interface wireless speaker, designed by Kihwan Joo, wants you to do the same to listen to your favorite tracks. The Rafl wireless speaker uses a touch-based interface that offers you complete control over the features. You can put your fingers inside the Rafl to shuffle your playlist. The recently played tracks are on the top and sliding down the fingers inside gives you access to the barely played numbers. You can raise or lower down the volume by pinching the volume signs placed on the sides of the speaker.

If you wish to pause the music for some time, all you need to so is to cover the speaker’s opening with your hand. A simple tap on the speaker’s body starts playing the track again. The Rafl speaker enjoys a tilted design and its matt and dark colored exterior is contrasts with the inner visual and tactile contrast.

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