How to remove tiles from your walls in 3 simple steps


If you are a DIY enthusiast or someone with a basic knowledge of home-improvement, the temptation to complete domestic modifications is huge. This requires more than just basic skill, however, as you must also have an innate understanding your skill-set, patience and a strong appreciation for safety. Even though there are some tasks that seem far easier than others, for example, you must always approach them in a considered manner and strive to complete a high standard workmanship.


How to remove wall tiles in 3 simple steps


Let’s take the removal of wall tiles, for example, which seems simple but can be difficult and time-consuming without a viable strategy. So here are three relatively simple steps to removing wall tiles in your home: –


  1. Protect yourself, others and your surroundings


Even for simple tasks like this, it is important that you pay attention to issues such as safety. Start by ensuring that you have the necessary wrap-around safety goggles and work gloves to protect your eyes and skin from sharp tile fragments, even if you do not intend to break them. Then make sure that you clear the surrounding area in case of a fall or slippage, before laying down a cloth or piece of tarpaulin to protect fragile floor surfaces. These steps may seem unnecessary, but they will protect you, your loved ones and most prized possessions from harm.


  1. Remove the Grout from your wall


If you tiles have been installed properly, grout will have been used to create adhesion in between gaps and crevices. This therefore needs to be removed before you attempt to lift out the tiles, which may also have been adhered to the walls. Best practice suggests that you should remove all surrounding grout when removing a single tile from your wall, but focus solely on removing the grout that is next to the ceiling and the floor when taking out an entire row.


We would also recommend heating the grout slightly with a blow dryer, as this softens the texture and makes it easier to remove. You can then use a small knife or chisel to remove this quickly and in single, fluid motions, continuing until the metal spacer lugs underneath are clearly visible.


Remove tiles in the most effective an logical fashion


The softening and removal of grout should make it easier to lift out tiles, although you must still approach this task from a logical perspective. Start by trying to identify a loose tile, for example, whether this was present previously or has simply been dislodged by the removal of the grout. Tap the edge of each one with a chisel to determine this, quickly lifting out any that are close to falling.


Other than this, you have a couple of options when removing tiles. If you do not mind breakage or have particularly well-adhered tiles, consider using a percussion drill to gently disloge them. If you wish to retain the tiles for future use, we recommend taking a putty knife or a small chisel and attempting to lever them off the wall in a single piece.


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