Tips that can help you choose the right flooring plan for your home

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If you have a say in the construction of your home, then you would be at the liberty to choose the most appropriate floor plan for the house based on your specific needs and requirements. Choosing a floor plan is not that hard a task provided you follow a few important pointers before zeroing in on the one you find the most suitable. Here are Points to remember by Dr Prem Jagyasi that would help you choose the best floor plan style for your dream home.

Layout sans Finishes

A lot of us tend to make the mistake of judging a floor plan based on the final, finished look complete with the furniture, appliances and décor items. However, this would more or less lead you to choose a plan that is more beautiful than functional. Your choice should give more importance to function though. So make it a point to envision a floor plan without all these additional elements as that alone would help you make the correct choice.

Pros and Cons

Each and every floor layout has its pros and cons. All you need to do is choose a floor plan that meets your requirements and priorities. For instance, if you work from home, you would not want to choose an open floor plan, which although spacious, would carry sounds from different parts of the house, making it hard for you to concentrate on your work. Weigh the pros and cons of each floor plan and choose the one that meets the balance between individual requirements and functionality.

Budgetary constraints

This is one of the most important pointers to consider when opting for a floor plan for your house. It would be considered wise to get in touch with a contractor to find out about the different costs for each layout. This would help you choose a floor plan that meets your specifications as well as your budget.


A common mistake many homeowners make when it comes to choosing floor plans for their homes is choosing a plan that boasts of spacious rooms but very narrow passageways and doorways in between. This can become a great problem if you have kids in the house. So consider the size of the doorways, door heights and passageways of each layout before choosing the best and most appropriate one.


Open floor plans are great for those who entertain guests regularly. These plans usually start with a spacious foyer that makes way for the living and dining rooms and connects with the outdoor patio so that guests can have a great view of the entire home as soon as they step in. However, if you are a more private person and don’t prefer to do a show-and-tell of your home for each guest who steps in, opt for a standard floor plan that involves a living rooms disconnected from the rest of the rooms in the house. Guests can thus, sit in the living room and chat with you comfortably while the other rooms remain hidden from view.

Outdoor space

The floor plan you choose would to an extent depend on the amount of time you like to spend outside your home. Modern homes usually come with an outdoor patio or play area. Your choice of floor plan would depend on how long as well as how much you plan to use these outdoor amenities. A floor plan that incorporates a spacious outdoor play area can look great. However, it has a slight disadvantage. It requires regular upkeep, which can become burdensome after some time. So make sure you opt for an indoor/outdoor floor plan only if you are sure you can maintain it.


Choosing an appropriate floor plan for your home would depend on several factors like budget, privacy and maneuverability. Keep your needs foremost, but do not completely neglect your style and budget.

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