New Gadgets To Add To Your Home

Everyone likes to add a new gadget to their home. They are fun to play with, and they can really help you out in a lot of ways. But with so many different gadgets coming out all of the time, you are likely to miss some of the best ones. To keep you up to date, we have compiled a short list of some of the newest home gadgets you may want to add to your home.


  1. Amazon Echo – Do you like using the voice assistant features on your smartphone? If so, would you like it if you could use those features all of the time, even without your phone? With Amazon Echo, you can. Amazon Echo is a small box that you place inside a room. It listens to your conversations, and when it hears the command word, it perks up and is ready to answer your questions. Want to know what time a movie is playing? No problem. Need to know how many cups are in a gallon? Ask away. The box will take in your question, find the answer for you, then speak it back to you. It is all hands free, and always waiting for your next question.DeviceHeroImg
  2. Google Chromecast – Google’s Chromecast makes it easy for you to play videos, music, or pictures on your HD TV. All you need to run the Chromecast is the little dongle that plugs into an HDMI slot on your TV, and a power outlet. Then you can send videos right from your phone or laptop to the TV. You can watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or even a slide-show you made on your computer. No more complicated setups just to get the videos you want onto your TV.
  3. Roomba – Vacuuming can be a chore. You have to carry around this heavy machine from room to room, then try not to trip over the wire as you move it all around the floor. Vacuuming your entire home takes time – time you would rather spend doing something else. With a Roomba, you don’t have to worry about vacuuming. This little robot glides around your floors picking up any dirt or debris. Once it is done, it returns back to its charging port until it needs to go out again. This little device will help to keep your home clean while you sit back and relax.
  4. Water Ionizer – For those of you who are into new health trends, you may want to consider getting a water ionizer. Drinking ionized water is supposed to provide you with various health benefits, including reducing aging, and giving your body a source of antioxidants. There are several different kinds of water ionizers out there, but you can use this water ionizer comparison table to help you find one. However, not everyone is convinced on the validity of the health claims made by the proponents of water ionizers, so do your research before purchasing one.Melody
  5. Smarthome – Lastly, there is home automation setup. With a home automation set up, you can control various things around your home with your smartphone. Whether you want to turn on the lights before you pull into your driveway, turn on the coffee pot before you wake up, or lock your front door, it can be done with home automation equipment. This set up can take a little bit of time, but once you have it all figured out, controlling things around your home will become a breeze.


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