The hurricane season is now upon us and the southern United States once again finds itself under assault from some of the most aggressive weather systems the world has ever seen. Of course, things don’t have to be quite so dramatic for property damage to occur, and even outside of these major weather events, in many parts of the United States, tornados can strike with little to no warning.

Wherever one lives, there will inevitably be storms which, while nowhere near as powerful as the tropical hurricanes now in the news, can still cause property damage in a number of different ways. Returning to your home after an event like this, or emerging from inside once the storm passes, can be a difficult and emotional experience. Repairing your home as soon as you can after a storm is essential, however, as an exposed home can rapidly begin to suffer from numerous other issues.

Stay Safe


The most important thing to remember when initiating home repairs is your own safety. Never go outside until you are sure it is safe to do so. Whenever possible, you should listen to radio broadcasts and wait for official advice as to when it is safe to emerge. Be sure to avoid any downed power lines and do not enter any building that has sustained heavy structural damage. Immediately after a storm, you should dispose of any food that has come in to contact with floodwaters or, if there have been power outages, anything that needs to stay frozen.

Beginning the Clean-Up

While remembering to observe any necessary safety precautions, the first step you should take is to cover any leaks in your roofing. This is because if there are leaks, even a normal amount of rain can significantly compound any damage already caused. You should also open as many windows as you can if you have water damage in your home, as it is important to aerate the interior. As soon as is possible, pull up and dispose of any wet carpets and rugs as these can become targets for mold and there is the potential for various fungal diseases to affect anyone staying in the residence.

Hiring Contractors


You should never try to take on any construction work that you feel is beyond your capabilities. If piping and electrics need repair, you should always use a trained professional to do these for you. Unless you find yourself in an emergency, you should check with your insurance company before hiring anyone, to avoid any nasty surprises with the bill.

Be sure to only approach reputable firms and quality contractors like Northface Construction, and do as much research as you can on them beforehand. Beware of so-called ‘fly by night’ companies who pop-up following severe weather events and often, though not always, are looking to make a quick buck and perform questionable work.

Recovering from the aftermath of a storm can be difficult. Many of us do not fully understand just how awful it feels to see one’s home significantly damaged without experiencing it for ourselves. The key is to react quickly but safely, in order to begin repairs as soon as possible.

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