Inspirational and funny furniture design to add spark to your home    

In this world of Technology, one of the best things is that you can get some good ideas for customizing your own furniture. If you go out the market, the same thing can be expensive and may not even fit your budget.

Well thankfully, you can now add some life to your house by getting your furniture customized to suit your budget. All you need is an inspiration or an idea, and an expert who can do the job. If you are bold enough to try something new, why not consider funny yet inspirational furniture for your home. They are an ideal choice if you do decide to go out of the norms to create a home that replicates you. Some of the unique ways you can design your furniture are mentioned below.

A swing dining table

It feels good when you and your family sit down to eat and you have the pleasure of having a unique swing table. For this, you can consider using steel chains and suspending the table on strong hooks to the ceiling so that it can carry the weight. Even your chairs can be hung so that you can eat with your feet off the ground.


A mood rocking bed

Ever since the first day of conception, humans very easily respond to being rocked to sleep. This not only relaxes you but it is also a very unique design to have in your bedroom. In this concept, you would need to customize large sized rings and a few wooden planks with a frame that can support the bed. The wooden planks can be attached towards the head and feet side of the bed to prevent you from slipping down. To ensure that the rocking is controlled easily make sure that you install rubber legs underneath your bed.

A chair designed in the form of a cradle

Who says that only children can sleep in a cradle? Now, even adults can enjoy the same childhood that they had by getting themselves a cradle chair. You can actually sit on it and it does sustain the weight of adults, this can become your perfect partner if you want to relax after a tired day.

A see-through bathtub

If you want to install a bathtub in your bathroom then instead of using the traditional one, why not go for the see through ones. These specially designed bathtubs will give your bathroom a different look and no one will even know that you actually have a bathtub in your bathroom.

Let your child have his or her own tree house inside the children’s room

We all know that there is something about tree houses that makes children love them. While this is a great concept outdoors, however you do have the option of bring it indoors and convert your kid’s room into a fun filled area. This will also help you save a lot of space instead of having bulky furniture all around. Bring in the natural look by painting the beautiful landscapes on your wall. You can even take a few poles and decorate them in the form bark and add a natural touch.

Converting your old bathtub into a sofa

Another unique and inspirational design would be to convert your old bathtub into new furniture like sofa. All you have to do is get the cutting done from one side by a professional and attach the legs underneath. After that, depending on the size of the space you have inside the bathtub, you can get a small mattress that fits in perfectly, add in some new cushions and you have yourself a new sofa.

Hammock above your stairs

For the space that is available above your stairs you can bring in a fun factor by installing a hammock and preferably getting a small window opening done. This will make an ideal place for you to step out from the daily routine and enjoy some quality time reading your favorite book or just enjoying the view outside.

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