Repurposed AM Gold and Tower Projector lamps by MFEO

MFEO repurposed lamps

After the multifunctional AM / FM mini bar, Los Angeles based design studio MFEO is back with yet another interesting creations. Two of the latest offerings from the house are the AM Gold lamp and the Tower Projector lamp, which make use of repurposed materials to create beautiful objects. AM Gold lamp features an upcycled vintage clock radio base, polished brass hardware, brown vintage style cloth cord and a woven white lamp shade.

One the other hand, the MFEO Tower Projector lamp ($315) is Edison inspired and has been made out of a vintage Bakelite slide projector and accentuated with chrome hardware and a woven black shade.

MFEO AM Gold lamp 1

MFEO AM Gold lamp 2

MFEO AM Gold lamp

MFEo Tower Projector lamp 1

MFEo Tower Projector lamp 2

MFEo Tower Projector lamp 3


MFEo Tower Projector lamp

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